Sheffield Eagles: Keith Senior excited to play a part in Eagles’ history

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Keith Senior is excited for the future prospects of Sheffield Eagles and looking to play a major role in the club’s future.

The former Eagles favourite re-joined the club as coach at the start of the current campaign after a glittering playing career in the Steel City and with Leeds Rhinos.

He signed a full-time three-year contract with the club, holding a position which also includes helping with the community foundation and the corporate side of the Eagles.

The former Great Britain international admits there is a lot of work to do, but he is relishing the prospect of trying to help the club progress back to a fully fledged full-time outfit, eventually re-taking their place in Super League.

“Going full-time is the long term goal for Sheffield Eagles. We have discussed the possibility, and it is our target in the future,” Senior told The Star.

“There is a plan and a structure to try and get the club back into Super League, which obviously means being full-time. Whether that happens next year or the year after, it is something that we are all looking to progress towards. With the new stadium firmly on the horizon, things are starting to fall into place so the future is looking a lot brighter for the Sheffield Eagles.”

Senior has been heavily involved in coaching duties as the Eagles continue to make great strides on the field, continuing to hold a top four place for almost the entirety of the current campaign.

The former Challenge Cup winner with the Eagles is delighted to be back where it all started, and he is thoroughly enjoying his partnership with former team mate Mark Aston and the rest of the Eagles staff.

“It has been great to be back involved with the coaching side of things,” added the 39-year-old.

“It is hard work. The days are long because we can only train around 10 of the lads during the day, then we train everybody together at night which can turn into 12 to 14 hour days, but I knew that was the situation when I came back.

“I enjoy the debate and the chats that Mark and I have, everybody here has opinions and Mark isn’t the type of coach who will say ‘this is my way, we are sticking to this’.

“He is very open to any possibilities and different angles, so it is great that we can all sit down and debate several aspects of the team.”