Seen anything you like there, Gerad?

A face in the crowd: Gerad Adams, top right
A face in the crowd: Gerad Adams, top right

He is a keen observer of ice hockey, ofcourse.

But as our picture shows, Gerad Adams seemed to have a particular eagerness to digest every facet of Sunday’s Cardiff Devils v Sheffield Steelers match.

Adams was displaced from his coaching role at Devils in October, after nine years fighting their cause. He has been a peripheral figure since.

But I rate him as favourite to end his exile from the bench and take over at Sheffield, next week, after a testimonial event on Monday. Club owner Tony Smith wants somebody with a good knowledge of the Elite League - and Adams certainly ticks that box.

Adams’ eventual arrival - if it is to happen - won’t help a lot this week. Tonight Steelers go into the second leg of the Challenge Cup semi final 5-3 down without player-coach Steve Goertzen, who suffered a nasty concussion at Cardiff. Mark Thomas is also on the injured list. Rob Dowd and Stefan Meyer should play.

Goertzen’s injury is a particular grievance, given his new role. Some Steelers players believe he was the victim of an unfair hit at Cardiff, although their coach Dave Whistle denied any maliciousness from his player, Matthew Myers. Gord Baldwin fought Myers shortly after the incident.

Today, the Elite League sided with Sheffield.

Myers was handed a three-match ban for checking-from-behind following a supplementary discipline request by Steelers.

Head of discipline Moray Hanson reviewed the incident and consulted with match-night officials, and imposed the automatic three-match ban for this offence.

Hanson said: “This penalty has been awarded due to the distance Myers travelled, the player being in a vulnerable position and the resultant injury of the player.”

Myers will miss the following games:

19 February 2014 – Sheffield Steelers vs Cardiff Devils

23 February 2014 – Cardiff Devils vs Fife Flyers

1 March 2014 – Cardiff Devils vs Coventry Blaze

Sheffield need their creative forwards to score tonight; it’s not been happening recently for Jeff Legue, Max Lacroix and Nate DiCasmirro. Likewise, they need to avoid the crushing experience of going behind to a team already two up overall.