Sewage plant fishery threat

A LOCAL fishery is under threat after plans were announced to move a sewage plant onto the site so homes can be built elsewhere.

Morehall Fisheries, on Manchester Road in Deepcar, is currently leased by owner Kevin Thickett. But property developers nearby are planning to build around 400 houses, and Yorkshire Water Board are understood to be bowing to pressure to move the existing sewage plant onto where the Fishery currently stands.

“The Water Board have previously rejected the plans, but they’re coming under more pressure all the time,” Thickett said.

“It really is a lovely spot, it was closed down for a couple of years and I’ve just got it nicely going again – people are so upset.

“We have around 5-600 people who visit the site regularly, from locals to people from Manchester, and I had a school down here the other day free of charge, to try and keep kids away from street corners.”

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