Sharks need a killer instinct

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The Sharks start their defence of the BBL Cup tomorrow at the EIS against Plymouth Raiders hoping to show an improvement after two successive defeats.

Back-to-back losses against Newcastle Eagles in the league has left captain Adrian Anderson disappointed, particularly with last Friday’s 85-80 setback: “It was frustrating because we were in a position to win the game. We played well in spurts, and we moved the ball much better than in previous weeks.

“But I feel there were parts of the game where we needed a killer instinct. We have to realise when teams are on the ropes and execute much better. That will come as we develop the team’s dynamics, and we need to mature as team.”

“I think we missed an opportunity to level the series, and that could come back to haunt us. We don’t often get the chance to play Newcastle twice early in the league season, so over all it’s frustrating that they have the head-to-head.”

However, the Sharks skipper isn’t writing off his side’s chances this season: “I do expect good things from this team, it’s about developing and being more consistent.

“I’m optimistic, Plymouth are a decent team but I don’t care who we’re playing or where they are in the league, we have to respect every team, every game. I’m not worried about the other side because we have the ability to beat them.”