Sheffield ice fans’ warm welcome for Mosienko

Sheffield Steelers
Sheffield Steelers

Tyler Mosienko has been given a taste of Yorkshire hospitality - before he has set foot on English turf.

Sheffield Steelers’ most controversial signing of the Summer says he has been moved by the support he has received from the clubs’ fans, over the internet.

Mosienko, a Canadian, bet against his own team, in Denmark, earlier this year. He and others were caught out and left the club in disgrace.

But the forward has admitted his wrongdoing and says he’ll never make such a mistake again.

“The fan response to my signing in Sheffield has blown me away to be honest” he says.

“I’ve had messages from people I don’t know in Sheffield wishing me well and saying they can’t wait to meet me when I arrive.

“Speaking with the club they too have told me that the reaction to my arrival was positive which is really nice to know

“Knowing the fans are on your side and behind you in important to all players and I certainly appreciate it” said the centre, 30, who has played in Japan and Germany.

“Now my job is to help give them something to cheer about when we hit the ice. Wins for the team, points on the board and a shot at a championship. That’s what all players and fans want. I’m sure the fans have looked at the great line-up the coach has put together and are excited as we the players are.

“I just can’t wait to get on the plane and get over. The season can’t start soon enough.”