Sheffield Steelers ace to ‘win over’ locker room

Mosienko: charmed by comments over the web
Mosienko: charmed by comments over the web

Tyler Mosienko accepts he has a challenge on his hands being accepted within the Sheffield Steelers’ dressing room.

With a past tainted by spot-fix betting against his own team, some team-mates might have to be persuaded that he is the authentic hockey player - and who won’t repeat his sins.

But Mosienko accepts the task with a relish. He did the same thing at Alaska, where he washed up after being fired by his Danish team last January.

Asked about joining up with some possibly sceptical players, he told The Star: “I went through the same thing in Alaska. There I looked at it this way: every day I had to prove myself.

“I have to work hard and help my team win games. Above all, I just have to be myself.”

Mosienko says naivety and “going along with the tide” with Esbjerg team-mates led his fall from grace, but now he thinks about things in a different way.

“I have learned my lesson, I think before I act and I think about the consequences.” He added: “I played with (Steeler) Gord Baldwin in Las Vegas (2007-9), he is a great guy and I am looking forward to playing with him.”

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