Sheffield Steelers ‘bad boy’ pledges self-control

Gord Baldwin may have his issues with British referees - but he accepts he has got to keep a tight leash on his emotions from now on.

The 6ft 5ins Canadian served a five match ban after allegedly stamping on an opponent at Belfast in October.

On his return, he picked up a 10-minute misconduct for abusing an official at Fife. Baldwin didn’t want to go into detail about either offence.But, speaking on video at, he said of his suspension: “It’s not really up to me, I have my own opinion on it, five games is what it was, so I have had to live with that and serve it.

Officiating was “a little frustrating at times but it is what it is” he said, adding: “Both teams are playing with the same officials. You really have to control yourself and play your game.”

Baldwin was as depressed as any player after Sunday’s defeat at home to Braehead. The skater, commenting on questions of consistency, said: “We have lost a few games, we haven’t been able to string a long streak together, I don’t know what it is. It’s not through lack of effort. We just have to find ways to win.”

Asked how the team can find even form, he replied: “From the players within, that’s how we did it before. We met, the people in the dressing room and turned it around. It wasn’t anybody else. It was us.

“And we will do it again, we have a great group of guys and we know what we need to do to turn things around.”

“We are all on the same page and we all want to win games.”

Steelers take on Belfast, Nottingham (twice) and Dundee soon, and says Baldwin: “Those are big games, big teams. Those are games we will be up for and excited to play. We are looking forward to it.”