Sheffield Steelers boss won’t bench players...yet!

Gerad Adams - Sheffield Steelers
Gerad Adams - Sheffield Steelers

Gerad Adams says he won’t consider sitting out any of his under-performing Sheffield Steelers skaters, tomorrow night.

After four consecutive defeats, the club travels to Dundee Stars in the Challenge Cup quarter final.

They need a morale-boosting win - and Adams is going to give them the chance to achieve that and re-build both their confidence and team conviction.

Whether it is a final opportunity remains to be seen.

He says: “The situation at the moment is not right to sit people out - instead we should give people the opportunity to perform and prove themselves, in a short period of time.

“If there are not improvements, ofcourse there will be consequences.”

This week’s training won’t have been a doddle, that’s for sure.

And maybe there is a message in the fact that Steelers will train on Friday evening, after returning to South Yorkshire in the early hours of the same day.

Adams says he has been working this week on a “specific positional areas...whether it is getting people near the net for shots for improving defensive zone coverage.”

But he will also aim to address the “mental weakness” he spoke of after losing in Belfast.

Reflecting on that issue - and how to challenge it with selected players, he told The Star: “It is an individual choice, you (the player) can correct it. You can stand up or sit down in situations.

“For example if you get scored on then the next opportunity you have you must be first to the puck or win the battle along the wall to get the puck away. If you don’t want to battle that becomes contagious and your problems compound. A lack of confidence is contagious. It can’t happen again.”