Sheffield Steelers duo ‘thrive’ on pressure

Marc Lefebvre - Sheffield Steelers. Pic: Dean Woolley
Marc Lefebvre - Sheffield Steelers. Pic: Dean Woolley

Sheffield Steelers management duo are not feeling under pressure over their jobs despite a period of uncertain results at the club.

Assistant coach Mark Lefebvre insists he and head coach Doug Christiansen are not feeling any extra heat after losing four out of their last seven games.

“We both came here because we thrive on pressure” said Lefebvre.

“This lack of consistence is massively frustrating and me and Doug are back to the drawing board to figure out what we can change and improve on.

“From day one we have been under pressure to deliver results and trophies. We are expected to win. But other than that, we are not feeling any extra pressure from Tony (Smith; owner.) But he can do what he likes, it is his club, his money, We just have to focus on getting our players into battle and coming out with the points.”

Steelers have won only two out of 11 games on a Sunday - and that’s a stat that Lefebvre cannot explain.

“I am a Catholic, so maybe I should be going to church early Sunday mornings! Either that or just not call it a Sunday game - we’ll drill it into their heads they are playing Saturday and Saturday!

“But seriously we have to start winning that second game. I am convinced this is not about fitness, we are jut going to have to dig down deeper than we have been doing.”

Exactly what the underlying problem is, remains difficult to put a finger on, says Lefebvre.

“There are some nights when the goalscorers find the net and the next time they don’t. Then the defence will be great one night and there’ll be lapses the day after.

“But I still say we have a great leadership group at this club: Goertzen, Phillips, Spencer, Baldwin, Meyers, DiCasmirro - there are older guys who lead a dressing room containing not one guy with a bad attitude. We are all fighting for the same cause.”