Sheffield Steelers home is where the heart is for coach Ryan Finnerty

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STEELERS boss Ryan Finnerty is jet-lagged, confused and home-sick.

The problem is, he’s confused which home he should be missing most!

Finnerty is shrugging off the disorientation of flying back to Sheffield from Canada and is now busying himself filling the vacant roster places at Sheffield’s Elite League club. “It was a weird time back home,” said Finnerty, referring to north America, after returning to the UK a month ahead of schedule. “Normally after a season away you can’t wait to get home and see your family and friends and relax. I love home and seeing my folks but after just two or three days I was thinking what am I doing here? I should be back in Sheffield!

“We have such a big job to do and we made huge strides last season. I just didn’t want to be away.

“I don’t think there has been many days I haven’t spoken with Tony Smith or Dave Simms to discuss what direction we were going in.

“I want to be in the middle of everything that is happening. I don’t just want to turn up and run a training session and then games.

“Right now I’m making sure that preparations run smoothly with the players arriving mid-way through August. Then I’ll make sure that our training camp is hard and the guys get the most out of it.”