Sheffield Steelers in a “bunch” of trouble - but will improve

Mark Thomas - Sheffield Steelers
Mark Thomas - Sheffield Steelers

Mark Thomas says there is no panic in Steelers’ dressing room - but admits the side have to develop a more uncompromising streak once they have been scored on.

Sheffield seem to lose their confidence after conceding - a vulnerability that angers coach Gerad Adams.

“If you’d have asked me after the Coventry defeat (2-6) or the Nottingham loss some weeks ago (2-7) about conceding goals in bunches I would have said it was a coincidence” admitted veteran Thomas, who has a testimonial game organised for February 17.

“Tonight against Dundee, Saturday against Nottingham, Sunday in Coventry – we have to win, the bleeding has to stop and we have to get back to winning way – it’s a huge week for us. There isn’t any panic inside the room, we are all experienced and we players will put it right.

“I think we would be more concerned if we weren’t playing well or weren’t working hard but that this isn’t the case. Whilst we haven’t been at our best we have played well during all four games that we have lost. We have all worked hard.

“It must be frustrating watching us up in the stands but I can assure you its more frustrating being down on the bench or inside the room with us because every one of us cares and is trying hard to reverse these recent defeats.

“We have to revaluate after conceding goals in batches again last weekend.”

Thomas said players had to put negative thoughts out of their minds after conceding. “That next shift has to be a hard one, no mistakes, we all have to take responsibility to buying into that process. Sometimes you concede, sometimes teams score a good goal against you, you can’t get too down when that happens. You have to bounce back. I don’t buy that we haven’t got the personnel in the room to put this right, we have. We have the players and the leadership. The captains are important but we are all older, experienced guys, we don’t need reminding of what happened. It is down to us to out this right. Gerad is unhappy with us, that’s only natural and we are expecting a tough week. There isn’t any panic though, we will put it right.”