Sheffield Steelers: Injured star shrugs off vicious attack by Panthers rival

STEELER Simon Ferguson has shrugged off the brutal slash to his chest which felled him when the puck was out of play in the 9-4 win over Nottingham Panthers.

The Sheffield forward was poleaxed by opponent Kelsey Wilson as he skated back to Steelers’ bench after a goal on Thursday. Wilson has now been banned for three games.

VIDEO: See Wilson’s brutal attack on Ferguson and full report- CLICK HERE.

But Ferguson, whose wife gave birth to their son at Jessop Hospital the day before, is laidback about the incident - a sentiment which might be at variance with how the league’s disciplinary panel may have seen the attack.

He told The Star: “It was a pretty interesting weekend. Our first baby and then we got a nice win.

“As for the slash, I didn’t even see it coming and I am pretty banged up in the ribs right now. I know him [Wilson] from playing, [in North America] but we have never fought before. Literally, I don’t even know why he did that.

“He caught me right off guard and kind of adrenaline kicked in, I just went after him, but the pain was just too bad...

“Maybe he thought he would take me out and it would be a smart move for his team? Seen a lot in this game, but to be blindsided like that?” Asked if he would hold a grudge against Wilson he said: “Weird things happen in hockey. I am not going to sit and have a beer with him for a little while.”

Steelers coach Ryan Finnerty said: “We can’t have that in the game.

“Fergy is an in-your-face player, he can bring that out in guys.

“I felt he had a heck of a game considering he had just two hours’ sleep after the birth of his child.”

Asked what he would have done if one of his players had ‘two-handed’ an opponent in that way, Finnery replied: “The last guy who did it was Corey Pecker (who was sacked earlier this season).

“It was not quite to that extent; there is no room for that, Wilson is a tough kid but he doesn’t need to do that. ”

Steelers host Coventry Blaze tomorrow, 5pm.