Sheffield Steelers poised to lose star

Nate DiCasmirro has activated a clause in his contract to quit Sheffield Steelers.

He will leave as long as his intended employers, HC Valpellice of Italy, can complete the paper work in time.

Nate Dicasmirro - Sheffield Steelers

Nate Dicasmirro - Sheffield Steelers

While Steelers will be left with full compliment of imports in his absence, it’s still a blow on the eve of the Play Offs.

I understand that former coach Doug Christiansen agreed a £6,000 pay-out clause in DeCasmirro’s contract, to ward off interest overseas. It hasn’t work - and a similar £8,000 deal with Rob Sirianni was activated too.

The centreman, who wants to be in the shop window ahead of Italy’s appearance in the World Championships, clearly has his mind set on going - which is a good enough reason to say Ciao to him.

A Steelers source said:”We’ll be bitterly disappointed if he goes, but the clause in his contract would have to be honoured. To leave it so late does leave a sour taste.”

On Monday, The Star suggested the incoming coach may have to sort out the DiCasmirro issue - now it looks as if it will be a fait accompli. Meanwhile, Stefan Meyer says Sheffield’s D-men are more active in joining the offence, since Christiansen left.

Talking at the, he said there had been a philosophy change. But he admitted that the defensive play around Steelers’ own net was inconsistent.

He said: “Some days we are really tough around our net and some days we aren’t. When you aren’t tough sometimes it comes back to bite you.” He said the new coach’s arrival, (thought to be Gerad Adams) was “going to be interesting. We are all going to have feel each other out early; he’s the boss so whatever he says goes. We are professionals. We look forward to learning what he has to say.”

As for the Play Offs, Meyer said: “You never know how hockey is going to go. We have the ethic and skill to do it and def have the goaltending have to be together play hard and go from there.