South Yorkshire club launches own probe into ‘tweets’ affair


THE cricket club at the centre of the allegations of Twitter abuse against local cricket league officials, Rossington CC, are launching their own investigation into the affair.

The club say they have suspended up to nine players from all cricket until those investigations are completed.

The South Yorkshire Cricket League (SYL) set their disciplinary machinery in motion after investigating what they termed were attacks “of a very serious and personal nature” on the league chairman and others through the social networking site Twitter.

They initially expelled Rossington - who have two teams in the league - but the club launched an appeal and the decision was rescinded to a suspension of their fixtures until after the appeal was heard.

The club argued that they could not be held responsible for individual actions on Twitter and said that the original posting was on an anonymous site called ‘Rosso cricket’ which, they claimed, had “absolutely nothing” to do with the cricket club.

In the latest development, the League asked nine Rossington players, who they believed to have been involved, to attend a hearing of the SYL Disciplinary Committee. Not all were able to attend.

After this meeting the League issued a statement in which they said they would reserve judgement against the players until they receive Rossington’s own report arising from their investigation.

They have given Rossington until midnight on Tuesday, June 19 to present their findings to the League.

The League’s Disciplinary Committee will then reconvene to give their judgement.

The statement continued: “The SYL have already received letters from four players admitting their guilt and offering apologies to all concerned.”

In the separate issue of the charge against the club, they have a hearing before the League next Monday.