Hoggart launches staunch defence of young Knight

DAVID Hoggart says Jake Knight deserves to succeed in developing a good career at Sheffield.

Knight made several appearances at Owlerton last season and has been rewarded with a team place at reserve for 2013.

And Tigers co-promoter Hoggart has taken a swipe at posts on internet forums who have already criticised the signing of the 20-year-old.

Hoggart said: “Jake has the opportunity of a lifetime with a Premier League team berth that so many young Brits are denied.

“We have extended offers to many in the past who have either not come back to us or placed demands on us that have seen us turn them down flat and I can think of two who were offered team places at Owlerton that have just become National League journeymen.”

He added: “At least Jake has the guts to grasp the nettle and has made a heavy commitment in machinery and expertise, do those critics on the internet know he is coached by a leading sport’s psychologist?

“Jake, of course, is our biggest gamble and he knows it but loyalty works both ways and he has persevered with us in 2012 to create this opportunity for himself.”