‘I’m not greedy’ says track ace


RICKY Wells insists he still wants to return to Sheffield next season but he’s also revealed how the club want him to take a pay cut.

Speaking in Los Angeles at a big invitational event where he finished third, Wells says he would settle for the same deal as last season.

But Tigers are looking to keep a tight grip on costs after losing thousands last season thanks to the number of rain-offs and a poor side.

Wells says he cannot say at this stage whether he will be back at Owlerton after showing signs of improvement in the second half of last season.

He said: “The bottom line is that I want to ride for Sheffield next year and if I get offered the same deal I was on last year I’ll sign in seconds. I’m not being offered that though, I’m being offered a lot less. There’s no way I could ride for it because I’ve got to earn my living, it’s not me being greedy.

“I understand that we’ve got to be sensible but I wasn’t on an outrageous deal last season, it was a deal I thought was pretty fair on both sides. If I don’t get the deal that works then it won’t happen.”

Wells insists Sheffield is the club he wants to ride for in the Premier League and he has already secured a new contract with Elite League Wolverhampton.

He continued: “I really want to ride for Sheffield again, I have to stress that. I like the place, the track, the fans, everything. I had fun last year and I want to carry it on.

“We’ll have to see what happens but at this stage I honestly don’t know. I have to earn a living and I just couldn’t do that from the deal on the table at the moment, but we’ll wait and see.”