Sam plans to spring a surprise at Sheffield fundraiser

Golden oldie Sam Ermolenko says he can surprise a few when he appears in Sheffield’s opening meeting of the season this Thursday.

The 1993 World Champion remains a favourite with Tigers fans after a spectacular spell with the club in 1996.

Now, aged 53, he’s agreed to return to competitive racing for the Air Fence fund raiser at Owlerton with all proceeds going to the installation of the new safety barrier.

Said Ermolenko: “I rode in some fundraising events last year and I’ve been on the bike already this year. The new consortium at Sheffield are people I have a lot of respect for, and the call came from them to see if I was interested in riding in their season opener. They saw that I’d been riding at Wolverhampton’s practice session last Wednesday and decided to see if I fancied participating.

“It’s not going to be a hugely competitive thing but I’m happy to go out there and help. I’m a regular visitor at Sheffield so I’m pleased to help in what should be an entertaining meeting to raise money for the new fence. The promoters accept the fact I’m not going to stick my neck on the line but I’ll be going out there to enjoy myself, have some fun and hopefully I’ll be fairly competitive.

“I might possibly surprise a few people. In speedway, he who hesitates gets in trouble and I understand that. I’ll go out there focusing on the fact I’m next to three other guys with the goal of getting to that first corner first. If I can get ahead then I’m sure I’ll be able to hold my own, and I’m looking forward to getting back racing again even if it’s just a one off.”