Sheffield speedway: Bad break is a thing of the past for Taylor Poole

Taylor Poole, Sheffield Tigers
Taylor Poole, Sheffield Tigers

Australian speedway rider Taylor Poole is back in serious training ahead of his return to Owlerton with Sheffield Tigers for a second successive season.

Poole was unveiled as the sixth member of the Tigers side for 2015 at the weekend despite ending last season with a serious leg injury for the second time in his career.

Now he’s back in the gym and swimming regularly with doctors delighted – and surprised – with the speed in which he has recovered from the broken femur.

Poole said: “It was a bad way to end the season for me .

“But I’m pleased everything is going well and I’m back doing some training now. I’m certainly doing better than last time I suffered a broken femur, progress has been pretty rapid for me and I’m feeling fitter every day.

“There will be no problem being ready for the start of the season, in fact I may well be fitter than I was when I started last season!”

Poole is delighted to be back at Owlerton alongside Sissis and other new signings Ashley Birks and David Bellego, plus current Sheffield riders Simon Stead and Josh Bates.

He admits he had to overcome a psychological barrier when he first moved to Owlerton – because he was scared of the track!

“When I first joined Sheffield I had no other club to go to, so it was a case of Sheffield or nothing,” said Poole.

“I was a bit scared of the track because it’s so big and fast and I had never raced one like that as my home track – but I love it now!

“So it’s gone from my last choice of home track to the first choice within a year and I’m really happy to be back with Sheffield.

“The management have been very loyal to me, they’ve shown great faith and I want to repay them by having a good season” said the 21-year-old Poole.