Sheffield Tigers: Somerset taught us a lesson says boss

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Sheffield Tigers team boss Eric Boocock admits his side were taught a lesson in gating in their defeat against Somerset on Thursday.

The Window Centre Tigers struggled out of the starts as they were eliminated from the Premier League Cup after going down 51-39 at Owlerton.

Boocock has challenged his side to improve their trapping ahead of next Thursday’s huge play-off quarter-final first leg against Newcastle and says his riders need to re-focus.

Said Boocock: “Somerset were so quick off the starts and the way the track was, we’d got no chance of catching them.

“We all know that Sheffield is one of the fastest tracks in the country but unfortunately for us, it was probably prepared too well on Thursday.

“If you hit the front and your set-up was right, you’d generate so much speed and you were away and gone.

“Especially in the second half of the meeting, we were just outgated consistently and it was the undoing of us in the end.

“It was a shame to lose just our second home match of the season but we just have to learn from it.

“I wouldn’t say there’s any disgrace in losing to Somerset though; they’re an amazing team and in my opinion, nobody is going to stop them this year and they’re going to clean up and win all the trophies.

“So if we look at it that way, it’s important we don’t get too disheartened because it’s going to need a big team performance in the first leg against Newcastle next Thursday.”

“We’re desperately hoping Simon (Stead) will be ready to step back into the No.1 race jacket - he’s such an important member of our side both on and off the track and we ideally need him fit for what is such a big meeting.

“You can’t knock our guest Richard Lawson though - he was amazing against Scunthorpe last week.

“He may have had a tougher night against Somerset but I’m sure he was very tired after not getting home from his Elite League play-off match until gone four in the morning!

“I wouldn’t say there’s been a lack of effort from our riders but we know we need to step our game up against Newcastle.”