Simon says: Tigers skipper writes for The Star

Richard Hall inside of Simon Nielsen and Lasse Bjerre at Owlerton last week
Richard Hall inside of Simon Nielsen and Lasse Bjerre at Owlerton last week

Since my last column, I’ve only had two meetings and just the one with Sheffield, so it was a relatively quiet week by speedway standards!

We needed three points against Leicester to progress to the League Cup semi-finals and the boys produced another excellent performance to make sure we did qualify. I think it just shows what we’re capable of and the fact that a couple of the boys are still underperforming slightly, it shows how good we can be.

The highlight for me was Richard Hall getting a maximum and he was absolutely fantastic; he’s riding really well at the moment. He told me that it was his first career maximum so that will be a huge boost for him I’m sure. He has been scoring home and away so far and if he carries on with this form he’s going to be a great second heat leader for us.

Thursday was a bit fraught for me because I had just got an engine back from servicing and we found a slight problem, so we were really under the pump to get things ready in time. My tuner, Ashley Holloway, is based in Poland so I had to find someone else and I want to thank Guy Allott for his help in sorting it out, an ex-Sheffield rider helping a current one!

This weekend my Polish season starts and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m with Krakow this year and we’ve got a good side together, and there’s always some added pressure in Poland because of the squad system they use.

I’m riding for three teams this season and it feels like I’m a full-time rider again whereas last year it turned in to a bit of a hobby. I was only with one team and I wasn’t riding anywhere near enough, and that makes it hard to get any momentum. The more you’re on the bike, the better you feel and I’m finding that at the moment.

We’ve got a double header with my old club Workington coming up and it’ll be nice to go back there again. We’ve got to aim at getting some points at their place on Saturday as well as a home win tomorrow, and I feel it’s 100 per cent achievable.

Make sure you’re at Owlerton to cheer me and the boys on tomorrow night!

And finally, can I remind you about my personal Twitter account where you can keep in touch with my travels both with the Tigers and elsewhere. Why not give me a follow @Simon_Stead. It is always good to hear from Tigers fans.

Cheers, Steady.