Speedway: Stead hoping Sheffield Tigers riders stay on track after postponement

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Sheffield boss Simon Stead admits he’ll be keeping a close eye on his riders’ performances elsewhere during the next six days.

It comes after the Tigers’ home fixture against Ipswich last night was postponed after a heavy downpour across the city just before start time proved costly.

With high-flying Glasgow in town next week, and Tigers in good form themselves, Stead is keen to see his riders spend as much time on the bike as possible.

“It’s times like these where I’m glad we’ve got a few doubling-up riders in our team,” Stead said.

“Josh Grajczonek has got meetings with Somerset, Kyle Howarth is with Wolverhampton, Rob Branford has got Rye House so those boys are still going to be out there racing.

“Jack (Parkinson-Blackburn) has been called up to represent the Young Lions too and Josh (Bates) has a huge World Under-21 qualifier in Italy over the weekend too.

“There’s not let up in this Championship and the riders need to be as race sharp as they can for each and every meeting.

“The back-to-back meetings against Ipswich would have been a great workout - but the weather intervened.

“Credit to all of our lads as well as those on the Ipswich side, they really wanted to start the meeting, but the rain kept coming and visibility would have been a real issue right from the off.

“The rain carried on for a long time after we pulled the plug so it was the right decision.

“We have to forget about that now though and look forwards.

“Glasgow are really strong this year and their position in the league table definitely doesn’t lie.

“That’s going to be one hell of a meeting, but we’re a match for anyone and it’s one we want to get another win from.

“That meeting takes us into what is a hectic schedule in June where we’re riding about two or three times a week so we’d like to think we can carry our momentum and confidence into that important run.”