Speedway: Tigers star may miss remainder of season


Sheffield skipper Adam Roynon’s season could be over after ruling out having surgery on his broken collarbone.

Roynon suffered the break over three weeks ago in a crash at Somerset and had initially set himself a target of returning by the end of August.

After seeing a specialist, though, it was revealed the broken bone has actually moved back in to place - making surgery pointless.

And although that bodes well for his overall recovery, it may mean a longer absence than planned.

He said: “Basically from when I had the crash to when I had the x-ray with the specialist, the bone had re-positioned itself and it was almost in perfect alignment again.

“There is no point having an operation because it won’t line the bone up any better than it already has, so I just have to wait and let it heal itself.

“It’s probably the best way, because it’ll heal properly, but I don’t know when I’ll be back now.

“It may be before the end of the season but it may not - I’ll just wait and see.”

Known as one of the unluckiest riders in the sport due to his injury record, the Cumbrian racer is fully equipped to try and make as quick a comeback as possible.

Roynon conceded: “I’ve got ultrasound equipment at home and a magnetic therapy machine as well and I’m doing that as often as I can to try and speed things up a bit, but at the end of the day it’s going to heal as quick as it wants to.

“If I don’t make it back this season I’ll work on getting myself as fit as possible for next season so I can come back ready to go,” Roynon added. “I don’t know just yet so it is really a waiting game right now.”

Tigers face championship contenders Ipswich, who won at Glasgow on Sunday, in their next Owlerton meeting this Thursday when they will again be without Simon Stead, Joe Haines, Roynon and Australian rider Damien Koppe.