Unwanted treble for sorry Tigers


Sheffield racked up an unwanted hat-trick at the hands of their fiercest rivals last night.

The Tigers were thumped 49-41 on home shale by Scunthorpe for the third time this season as the joy of capturing British Under 21 champion Josh Bates - on a full contract from his National League club Mildenhall - was dampened at Owlerton.

Skipper Simon Stead, who scorched to five race wins, offered almost lone resistance to a Scorpions side inspired by high-scoring reserve Thomas Jorgensen’s paid 18-point haul.

The Tigers soon fell further behind as Leigh Lanham retired in re-run third heat when former favourite Josh Auty swept from third to first to claim victory in a visiting 4-2.

Back-to-back Stead triumphs inspired successive 4-2s - the latter arriving in a terrific heat seven tussle of present and past Tigers stars. He eventually stormed past Ashley Birks early on the final lap and the race was awarded when the Scunthorpe man hit the deck.

Their lead lasted a matter of moments as Scunthorpe trump card Jorgensen took the flag in a 4-2 to in heat eight following a thrilling three-way battle also involving Poole and Howe.

Jorgensen certainly deserved his lap of honour even if did arrive before his hopes of a maximum were scuppered in the finale.

But the damage had long been done by then.

Sheffield 41: Simon Stead 16, Andre Compton 7+1, Leigh Lanham 7+1, Taylor Poole 5, Josh Bates 3+1, Simon Nielsen 2+1, Ty Proctor r/r

Scunthorpe 49: Thomas Jorgensen 16+2, Nicolai Klindt 10, Josh Auty 10, Ryan Douglas 6+1, David Howe 4+1, Ashley Birks 3+1, Matt Williamson 0