Star man Jeff resigning shows Steelers aren’t on last Legue-s

It was no real surprise, was it, that Steelers head coach Doug Christiansen re-signed last season’s top scorer Jeff Legue.

Legue has become the focal point of the Steelers offence these past six seasons.

He has been pretty good at leading the charge, whilst becoming the club’s third-highest points scorer of all time.

Last season, he again broke the point-a-game scoring mark, with 34 goals and 73 points in just 60 appearances.

For Doug Christiansen, this must have been a no-brainer.

The big question for Christiansen is now the same one faced by his two predecessors, Dave Matsos and Ryan Finnerty - who does he find to play alongside him?

On his own or with different - or sometimes indifferent line-mates - Legue has continued to score for the Steelers.

However, when paired with the right partner, Legue can be the most offensive forward in the Elite League.

It is that issue that has been the Steelers’ problem ever since Joey Talbot retired some three seasons ago.

If Christiansen can solve that problem, he will go a long way towards securing trophies and success for his new employer.

Legue is a game changer. He has a burst of speed, the quickest releasing shot in the league and, without doubt, the best one-timer on the power-play that the EIHL has ever seen.

It can only be a compliment when other teams’ whole penalty kill is centred around one man not getting the puck.

That’s how good Legue is, that’s how dangerous others see him.

I do think that Legue needed a change of focus - after all, he is getting no younger.

I think he needs the structure and the re-focusing that Christiansen will give him.

This is Legue’s team; he is comfortable here.

But is the club’s most gifted forward too comfortable?

Christiansen, I feel, will not allow Legue a night off.

He will ensure that the genius remains focused and on the money every night.

If he can do that, then the Steelers have another 30-plus goal season to look forward to.