Steelers face former hero under pressure as Devils coach... we all want to win, but lets hope it doesn’t cost Adams his job

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Dave Simms Telegraph Web Tile

This Sunday, the Steelers face the Cardiff Devils - coached by one-time Steeler, Gerad Adams.

As a player for the Steelers, Gerad Adams was a warrior. He wasn’t flashy or sexy, he just did his job, and did it well.

Respected by his coach Mike Blaisdell and respected by his team mates, he was a winner.

He did the little things right, did the dirty jobs that so many times go unnoticed - yet without them, the team doesn’t succeed.

The phrase “old school” is perfect for Adams - they don’t make them like him anymore.

They say new is best but not where hungry, determined, dogmatic, grumpy, solid ice hockey players are concerned.

Throughout the whole league, throughout all teams, Adams is respected across the board, liked and admired.

As the head coach of the Devils, he has constantly had his side battling for silver, making the play off finals and more than satisfying his home fans.

He arrives in Sheffield this weekend, though, under pressure for his job - in his testimonial year with the Cardiff side!

In pre season he lost his starting goalie, then on the goalie’s return he lost him again, both times to a concussion.

His side lost games early season, and panic sets in. But Gerad Adams the man, the player and the coach will fight through.

Whilst everyone, it seemed, thought Adams was doing a good job, his owner and general manager seem to have different ideas.

If Cardiff and Adams do part company, then only one club will suffer and the other nine clubs will gain an advantage.

In life, let alone hockey, it is hard enough to find good, decent, honest men who care.

Cardiff have one in Gerad Adams, and they would be crazy to let him go.

Everyone in Sheffield will remember Adams for all the right reasons and whilst everyone will wish him well, the Steelers can heap even more pressure on their one-time hero on Sunday with a home, Arena victory over the Devils.

We in Sheffield, of course, demand a Steelers win - but come Sunday, lets hope it doesn’t cost a proper bloke his job.

n Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils, Sunday October 13. Motorpoint Arena, face off 5pm.