Travel sickness for Steeler

John DeCaro
John DeCaro

Three games in three nights, in three different countries.

Read all about that, you pampered footballers!

Tomorrow, the Steelers will board the coach to and from Nottingham for a game that - if they win - will take the club within just one point of the league leading Panthers.

Saturday sees another bus to Leeds Bradford and a flight to Belfast, from where the Steelers will fly to Edinburgh on Sunday morning after facing the Giants.

Then it’s off to Dundee and the third game, before a six-hour trip home in the early hours of Monday morning.

The glory and luxury of the modern day professional sportsperson it certainly is not.

That’s a tough schedule for any professional, let alone on the biggest weekend of the year.

Get through those games, against the leaders Nottingham and third-placed Belfast giants, and the title race is wide open - and you would hope that momentum, emotion and adrenaline will carry you through.

Should the Steelers be confident going into this horrendous period? Well, why the hell not.

This is what they have trained for, this is what they have worked for with an incredible run of results in recent weeks.

As the year started, the Steelers were as good as written off - but wins against Nottingham and Belfast, as well as an incredible road win in Cardiff, has given hope and belief that something special could well be on the cards.

One thing that will please Finnerty is that the workload isn’t just on the shoulders of Jeff Legue.

Last Sunday, Shawn Limpright chipped in with a hat trick; Simon Ferguson has scored in four of the last five games, and Steve Goertzen too has found his scoring boots with five in his last four.

Defensively, the Steelers are tight, with back to back shut outs for goalie John DeCaro.

It’s DeCaro that will be under pressure come game time on Friday.

DeCaro has fought off criticism from around the league, and from his own fans. But now they realise that Finnerty was right to bring DeCaro back for a second year.

Finnerty, too, deserves praise - he stood behind DeCaro and openly stated that he was his man.

It was a case of ‘take Johnny on, and you take me on as well’, and DeCaro has responded superbly well.

Friday evening in Nottingham will be a war zone. The pressure is on the Panthers - how will they handle it?

There they stand, facing a championship for the first time in over 56 years.

Steelers need to start well; do that and just watch that building swallow people up.

Bring it on, I say.