Video: Sheffield Steelers’ Dave Simms still ‘despises’ Nottingham Panthers (oh and merry Christmas)

Dave Simms - a happy man with Sheffield Steelers at the top of the League and Jeff Legue having returned to the club - give his thoughts in this video on the Christmas and New Year period.

In the clip he says:

David Simms

David Simms

*Frank Doyle has been the club’s best player since the season started.

He is “consistent, solid, no frills, gets on with the job. He has been our main man. At the end of the year players always vote for their players’ player I think if they were doing at Christmas I think that would be Frank by a million miles.

“And that says something when you see Forney, Roy and Fretter and how well they have been playing. Doyle has been the guy on the big occasion who has stood tall.

“If you take those Nottingham games in the past John DeCaro was unfortunately out-goaltendered by Kowalski. But all of a sudden its Doyle who is outgoaltending other teams goalies.”

* Mathieu Roy: “in front of the net he is probably as good a player as we’ve ever had in 23 years. What he does in the crease, the punishment he takes, not only for his own goals but the goals of players around him.

“I think if he spends a couple of three years at this club like he did in Florida he will end up one of the all time favourites.

“You can see why he was a captain in Florida and a leader on this team.”

* Steelers will sell more tickets than Panthers over the festive period. “We will have a bigger crowd than they will.”

*His continuing hatred for all things Nottingham Panthers. “People like myself still live in the past and I still despise the Panthers as much as I have ever done.

“There is an utmost dislike between the organisations, from ownerships down to stick boys. But its probably not as fierce as in the Plommer/Millie days.

“More’s the pity; but its still a hell of a rivalry. 13-14,000 people are going to watch it over 24 hours not many sports can boast that.”