VIDEO: Steelers goals do the talking

Jason Hewitt won’t let his 100th Elite League goal go to his head.

Soon after achieving that personal milestone, Hewitt was back to his two primary roles - the gritty forechecker...and translator for stand-in coach Neil Abel!

Steelers stalwart Jason Hewitt.

Steelers stalwart Jason Hewitt.

Scotsman Abel has a raw celtic dialect which is impenetrable to some north American imports (and English people.)

But the Sheffield Steelers’ dressing room love him - and will play their hearts out for him tomorrow at Braehead Clan. Abel has temporarily taken the reins since Doug Christiansen was axed.

And Hewitt said: “I am head translator. It’s a bit of fun in the room. Everybody gives him their full respect, it was tough for him to walk in, he’s not been with us all year, he has been in and around but he’s not been in the room, so it’s good that the guys listen to him.

“He is old school. He wants to see energy and guys hitting. One thing we said was in front of our net we have to be meaner and that is someting that Neil was as a player, among other things.

“He was definitely a mean guy. So we did that (in the 7-1 win over Cardiff, on Wednesday.)”

Hewitt said failing to reach the play off finals cannot happen a third time.

“One thing we preached coming into all our games since what happened, (Christiansen’s exit) we can’t just turn it on when the play offs come,” said Hewitt, speaking on video at “We have seen last two years we have not made the finals. Nobody wants a part of that. It’s miserable.

“We wanted a big win at home; we accomplished that now we move to Braehead, then Nottingham and home, and go to war with them on Sunday.”

Hewitt, a veteran at 30, said his 100th goal, against Devils, was a sweet moment - but added: “it took a while.”