Waddle backs Owls progress

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That’s tongue-in-cheek, of course, bearing in mind Waddle’s success with ESPN. But no love affair can compare with his affinity to the Owls, an all-time marriage forged by his inspirational displays for the double cup final team of 1993 (notably that brilliant semi-final goal against Sheffield United) and the fact that it is an era that remains unsurpassed.

“It was a fantastic time, a great four years,” he says, reflecting on how it even topped the Kevin Keegan days at his native Newcastle, four years at Spurs and three years with Marseilles.”

“Hearing my name sung all the time was quite unreal. Even now, when I’m out for a drink, Wednesday fans are brilliant with me.

“I’ve enjoyed my football wherever I’ve been but we’ve stayed in Sheffield. And I can’t see me and the missus moving anywhere else now. We’re here to stay.”


lESPN will broadcast live and exclusive coverage of Sheffield Wednesday’s FA Cup first round clash at Morecambe on Sunday, November 13 from 2.30pm.