Explosions, stunts, and superheroes as Avengers assemble at FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield – REVIEW

Avengers, assemble...in Sheffield!

Friday, 11th October 2019, 9:55 am
Having the best time every at Marvel Universe LIVE

I'm at the FlyDSA Arena for a night of Marvel-madness - and I'm surrounded by mini super-heroes running through the aisles wielding a variety of colour-changing swords and space guns. The music - and the expectant audience - is loud; everybody's excited.

On a large screen, there's a slideshow of photographs featuring families who are at the show. I see lots of colour, big grins: Iron Man dads and Captain Marvel mums with their arms around little Hulks and Spidermans.

It's the night everybody's been waiting for.

Marvel Universe LIVE

A voice comes over the tannoy: 'Kids, do not try this at home'...and then, we're off.

It's action packed from the word go, as Dr Strange appears overhead, setting the scene for the night ahead, unfolding the story of Nebula, who is keen to get her hands on the magic wand. And just like that, the first big battle is underway, and the protectors of the galaxy arrive, swinging and dropping in from every direction.

I challenge even the most reluctant of parental chaperones not to feel their adrenaline pumping as explosions, lights, and aerial acrobatics fill the arena. As a fan of the films, I'm blown away by the detail, purpose and power, thoughtfully jam-packed into every action. This is Marvel at its best.

The next 90 minutes passes in a fantastic blur of action and overwhelmingly impressive stunts, with some clear highlights - including a giant green lizard slithering across the arena on an enormous steel frame, and a cracking display of fire dancers.

Having the best time every at Marvel Universe LIVE

When Captain America and the rest of the team take to motorcycles for one of the biggest fight scenes and begin zipping around the arena floor, ramping up jumps high into the air, and taking the bad guys out with their back tyres, it's almost too much.

Even at the interval, there's no rest as any audience member under the age of 15 - feeling inspired - continues to run around, play-fighting and saving the universe, while awaiting the return of the professionals for the second half.

When the end comes, it's in a spectacular fashion, as the Hulk puts in his long-awaited appearance - to jubilant calls - breaking through the force-field to reclaim the magic wand from Nebula.

"This is SO awesome," one of my little companions utters in awe, eyes shining, while the other declares Rocket Racoon: "the best character ever!"

Spider-Man swings into Sheffield for Marvel Universe LIVE!

If you're looking for a night of jaw-dropping stunts, dancing, acrobatics, power, motorcycle revs, lights and sound - this is the show for you.

If you're looking to be a superhero to your own kids - this is the show for you.

If you're looking for some peace and quiet - stay home.

Running from October 10-13.

The Incredible Hulk live in Sheffield at Marvel Universe LIVE!

BUY TICKETS: Marvel Universe LIVE! is at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena until Sunday, October 13. Tickets are £24.20 to £55. Buy in person from Sheffield FlyDSA Arena, call 0114 256 5656 or visit www.flydsaarena.co.uk

Having the best time every at Marvel Universe LIVE
Having the best time every at Marvel Universe LIVE