Send in your Peak District pictures ahead of Sheffield literary festival

Poet Laureate Simon Armitage has asked Sheffielders to send in their photos of the Peak District as part of an art piece for a literary festival.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 11:24 am
Hathersage, Peak District. Chris Etchells.

Celebrating the Peak, an event taking place as part of the Off the Shelf literary festival in Sheffield this month, will involve a projection of images of the Peak District in the city centre.

Simon Armitage has asked Sheffielders to send in a photograph of their favourite place in the Peak District along with three words describing what it means to them.

Simon said: “I thought it would be impossible to try and write something that covers the whole of the Peak District, it’s such a varied place. I had this idea that I might do something more fragmentary, almost like a PowerPoint presentation.

Peak District views, The view from below Curbar Edge

“I think of the Peak District as perhaps being more mysterious. It’s certainly very varied, wooded valleys and then these sudden peaks. I think of it as being very dramatic.

“There’s a sense that language comes out of the landscape, that language has its own geology and is very connected at a primitive level with the environment.

"My favourite place in the Peak District is also my least favourite place because I’ve had very exciting and quite terrifying times there – it is Kinder Scout.”

The Peak District National Park is 555 sq miles in size and turned 70 this April. It will mean something different to each person who has walked within it, and through the sharing of photographs and words connected with the park, a more complete picture may be realised.

15 Feb 2016...Possible Picture Post....Stanage Edge in the Peak District.....Tech details Nikon D800, 80-200 mm lens, f5.6, 160 sec, ISO 100. Picture Scott Merrylees

Simon added: “If you were trying to think of three words that sum up your experience or your idea of the Peak District, I would suggest that you write those three words down straight away and then you throw the piece of paper in the bin and start again. I think when we write poems we should be looking for a deeper vocabulary. Poetry is an art form that doesn’t say the first thing that comes to mind."

Off the Shelf takes place from 15-31 October. The public art piece will be projected in the city centre on October 16. If you have a picture of the Peak District you want to submit, send it, with your three words, to: [email protected]

Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. (PHOTO BY: Bruce Rollinson)