Sexual violence informs new show

Maverick London-based artist Louise Orwin presents a surreal joyride through female sexuality and violence in her new show which she is previewing at Theatre Deli next week.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 07:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 12:58 pm
Louise Orwin's Oh Yes Oh No at Theatre Deli Sheffield

Oh Yes Oh No explores what it means to have sexual fantasies that don’t align with your politics. An explicit, heady mix of pop culture references and Barbie’n’Ken audience role-play, Oh Yes Oh No features sound design by This is How We Die composer Alicia Jane Turner.

Using audio from interviews Louise conducted with those willing to talk openly and honestly about their sex life, the show asks difficult questions about desire, rape culture, and wonders who ultimately gets to have a voice.

Challenging the audience to rethink their views on desire, this dark, provocative yet playful work explores a subject which is rarely addressed publicly, especially in the wake of #MeToo.

Louise Orwin said: “I am a survivor of sexual violence and I am obsessed with sex. Why does it feel like those two things shouldn’t exist in the same sentence.”

The award-winning performance artist makes research-driven theatre projects about what it means to identify as female today, in a fast-moving, media-saturated world that prizes patriarchal, heteronormative narratives.

In addition to pr eviewing Oh Yes Oh No is on Wednesday and Thursday, April 24-25 Louise Orwin is guest curator of Theagtre Deli’s spring season.