Sheffield urban dance music singer Lornnah Stewart to perform at Sheffield Carnival

Dance music writer and performer Lornnah Stewart is returning to her home city to perform at Sheffield Carnival this weekend.

Thursday, 15th August 2019, 24:05 am
Sheffield Carnival 2018 at Norfolk Heritage Park

Lornnah, who lives in Manchester, will be playing at the multicultural family event in Norfolk Heritage Park on Saturday (August 17).

She usually performs at Tramlines but couldn’t make it this year, so is pleased to be playing on Saturday instead.

She’s performing solo on the carnival music stage at 5.30pm.

The singer, who comes from Fir Vale, said: “I’ve never done a carnival before in my life! I’m really excited about that.

“I applied a couple of months ago and didn’t hear anything, then I got an email last week saying I’ll be on stage at such and such a time.”

She describes her music as “contemporary urban but I like to say with a touch of pop. These three songs I’m doing on Saturday, one, Drop the Beat Down, is an Ariana Grande type of thing, Lovin Life has more afro beats and it's quite special to me as an old-style dance track.”

Lornnah wrote Lovin Life with popular Birmingham musician DJ Sparks, a garage, house and bassline specialist, who sadly died last year.

Sheffield-born urban music artist Lornnah Stewart

She said: “That was his last track before he sadly passed away with cancer. I didn’t know he had cancer at the time. He was a lovely, lovely man.

“I’d never met him before but one day he posted the music for the song on his Facebook page and I sent a message saying ‘I love this song and I want it’.

“He said he’d given it to someone else and I said ‘if I do something with this track and it’s better than his, then can I have it’?”

Luckily, Lornnah’s cheeky request paid off and DJ Sparks loved her treatment. She’s hoping to continue collaborating on promoting the song with his son.

Lornnah is also a nominee in the UK Entertainment Awards for Best Breakthrough Artist and Best New Recording Artist, the results of which are announced in November.