Sheffield village hall gig for jazz duo Ian Millar and Dominic Spencer

A Scottish jazz duo are contrasting their recent stint at the Edinburgh Fringe with a series of rural concerts.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 24:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 14:32 pm
Sheffield village hall gig for jazz duo Ian Millar and Dominic Spencer

Ian Millar and Dominic Spencer have been performing together for a number of years, playing melodic improvisations on jazz standards and original compositions.

They say that their style of jazz concentrates on developing melodic ideas within the framework of the melody of a tune, whilst maintaining the concept and groove behind it.

The result is a very accessible melodic style which allows them to explore, improvise and develop ideas without losing the essence of each piece of music, and to interact together in as creative a way as possible.

They have had enormous success over many years during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their very successful show, Jazz at Lunchtime.

Thousands of people have come to see them perform, with many sell-out shows.

They say that number of visitors to the Edinburgh Fringe from all over the world have returned year after year.

Based in Edinburgh, the duo have regularly and extensively toured throughout the UK.

They have embarked on many rural tours under their Jazz in the Village series, playing in hundreds of halls, often bringing jazz for the first time to remote communities, performing in intimate settings to appreciative audiences.

The beautiful Scottish scenery that they have seen on their travels has inspired the writing of many pieces of music by Ian.

Ian and Dominic play Bradfield Village Hall, The Sands, Low Bradfield on September 20 at 8pm.

Advance tickets, costing £10, are available from or Flask End Cafe at Bradfield Post Office or call 0114 285 1227.