American crime writer to appear at book festival

American crime author Walter Mosley who is coming to Off the Shelf on Oct 15 2013 to talk about his new book, Little Green
American crime author Walter Mosley who is coming to Off the Shelf on Oct 15 2013 to talk about his new book, Little Green

Eminent American crime writer Walter Mosley is making a rare trip to the UK which includes an appearance in Sheffield next week in the Off the Shelf festival.

He is is the author of 37 books including Devil in a Blue Dress, the first to feature private eye Easy Rawlins played by Denzel Washington on screen.

The winner of numerous awards, including an O. Henry Award, a Grammy and PEN America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, he has a new book out, Little Green, which marks the return of Easy Rawlins after a gap of six years.

Given that in the closing pages of the 11th (and apparently final) Rawlins book, Blonde Faith, published in 2007, the gumkshoe was left for dead after crashing his car on the Pacific Coast Highway north of Malibu, fans may want to ask him about the hero’s miraculous resurrection.

Walter Mosley will be talking at the Showroom on Tuesday and the talk will be followed by a screening of Devil in a Blue Dress.

Other big names at Off the Shelf next week include Kate Adie and Roddy Doyle.

Former television news reporter Adie has a new book, Fighting on the Home Front, telling the story of the First World War through the eyes of women and unearths in the telling, fascinating detail of just how hard was the up-hill struggle for admission into the world of men. She will be at the Pennine Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University on Saturday where she will be followed on Monday by Roddy Doyle.

The Off the Shelf date is one of only a handful of literary festival appearances from Irish writer Doyle this year and is in the very week his bestselling book The Commitments open as a stage show in the West End.

Twenty five years after we first met Jimmy Rabbitte in The Commitments, he returns with a new novel The Guts which finds the man who created the Commitments back in the eighties now 47, with a loving wife, four kids...and bowel cancer. This warm, funny novel is about friendship and family, about facing death and opting for life.

On Tuesday in The Auditorium at the University of Sheffield Students’ Union Melissa Benn asks What Should We Tell Our Daughters? with Melissa Benn

The daughter of former Chesterfield MP Tony Benn, the writer, journalist and campaigner who has worked at the National Council for Civil Liberties examines the ways in which feminism has made great strides but key issues – equality of pay, casual sexism, representation at a senior level – remain to be tackled.

It is described as a manifesto for modern womanhood and for every mother who has ever had to comfort a daughter who doesn’t feel ‘pretty’, for every young woman who wonders why she is not taken seriously in the workplace and for anyone interested in the world we are making for the next generation.

On Wednesday at the Showroom Cinema Sally Gardner talks about her young adult novel, Maggot Moon, winner of the prestigious Carnegie Medal 2013 and Costa Children’s Book Award 2012.

Sally Gardner was branded ‘unteachable’ and sent to various schools, before being eventually diagnosed at the age of 12 as being severely dyslexic. She is now a spokesperson for dyslexia which she sees as a gift, not a disability. She has dedicated Maggot Moon “For you the dreamers, overlooked at school, never won prizes, you who will own tomorrow.”