Book Club: Splinter In The Blood by Ashley Dyer

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Libby says: Splinter in the Blood by Ashley Dyer is gripping from the start, with an intriguing opening. At first the serial killer plot almost seems to be in the background to another crime.

The two plot threads come together in an unexpected way when the investigation into a killer who tattoos his victims, and a detective’s messy personal life, clash leaving Detective Sergeant Ruth Lake to untangle the mess.

The characters are interesting and engaging.

The two protagonists, Ruth and Greg, are flawed but likeable people who drew me along with them. The minor characters are also drawn very evocatively, even when they are incidental characters they are quickly and effectively fleshed out.

Since Ashley Dyer is a pen name for a the teaming up of a writer and a CSI, the crime

scenes, forensics and police procedure are all really well done and realistic, without being heavy handed.

We see the story develop from several different perspectives, including the killer’s, which leads us into becoming our own detective in the story since we have different pieces of the

puzzle to any one of the characters. The final twist of the plot took me by surprise and led to an ending that nearly made me late to work because I was so eager to read it.

I very much enjoyed the first outing of DCI Greg Carver and DS Ruth Lake, and I hope we are going to see more of them in the future!