Clip art lines-up for top exposure

pictured is Artist Joyce Spurr, she is entering her work in the cupola gallery for sale
pictured is Artist Joyce Spurr, she is entering her work in the cupola gallery for sale

FOREVER coming up with attention-grabbing ideas, the Cupola Gallery is calling its latest exhibition, the Naked Sale. It doesn’t involve nude paintings or curators getting their kit off but refers to the artwork itself being stripped back to its bare essentials with no frames or adornments.

Instead the main gallery will display a series of washing lines to which the work will be clipped or pegged .

The idea being to keep costs down for both artist and customer and create an accessible and fun environment to encourage new artists to show with the gallery for the first time.

Work on display will include a wide range of original printmaking (etching, aquatint, collograph, drypoint, silkscreen, linocut, monotype etc) drawings and paintings on paper, photography, textiles and anything else that can be clipped or pegged up on the line.

Prices range from £10 to a maximum of £100 from more than 30 different artists from around the country.

Among them is Joyce Spurr, just turned 90, who still paints and is selling some of her work in aid of charity.

Over an eventful life time, Joyce has always had a passion for art which has continued even though she is now partially sighted, enjoying different aspects of the experience – the feel of the paintbrush between your fingers and the smell of a fresh canvas, she says.

As a youngster she enrolled at Sheffield College for evening classes in life drawing and portrait, developing her love for the human form in art, before the building was eventually destroyed during the blitz of 1940.

During the Second World War she was stationed in Egypt and worked as a special wireless operator who intercepted Morse Code messages and passed them on to the code breakers at Bletchley Park. After the War, she became a librarian, working in the central commerce and science library in Sheffield centre and moving up to being the Head of the Research and Development of British Steel library in Rotherham.

She says she is taking part in the Naked Sale because she wants others to enjoy her work and take away some of the passion she felt while creating these pieces. All profits going to Alzheimer’s research charity.

Sheffield based artist Paul Evans will be undertaking a unique collaboration with Cupola as part of The Naked Sale. Every day during the exhibition he will add two new drawings to the show which will also be posted on a daily basis on his new blog

“The idea for this project came from the title for the exhibition, Naked Sale,” he explains. “Naked Practice was chosen as a name for the blog because the drawings will expose a part of the working process that is not normally seen; the sketches that I make in my studio at Yorkshire Artspace. The intention is to create a series of drawings using new techniques, materials and creative strategies that fully embrace the element of risk.”

Coinciding with Naked Sale will be an exhibition of New Paintings by Yorkshire based expressionist painter Jo Brown in the Long Gallery. There will be an opening on Friday evening ant then both exhibitions will continue until July 31.