Clog dancing and algorithmic rave

Swet Shop Boys  Heems and  Riz MC
Swet Shop Boys Heems and Riz MC

AlgoMech, a new festival for Sheffield celebrating making in code, machines and performance, runs next week from November 12-19. At the Millennium Gallery, Access Space, Sheffield Institute of Arts and Dina there will be lots of algorithmic and mechanical performances, along with a symposium, talks and workshops. 

Stand by for clog dances that mimic industrial looms, techno music created with mechanisms built during the performance; cellos turned into computers; textile patterns becoming musical compositions

Next Saturday there’s a full-on Algorave (algorithmic rave) at the Millennium Gallery when punters can dance to alien rhythms and freaky visuals, This Sunday an arts-research symposium will be hosted by the Sheffield Institute of Arts, featuring talks and performances and a keynote speech from composer Godfried-Willem Raes, known for his work with Aphex Twin and expertise in computer technology, robotics and interactive electronic art.

Also starting on Monday is Connect The Dots, three weeks of exhibitions, music, performance and workshops. This year it takes the theme of The Sea Around Us, looking into the beauty and fragility of the sea from the perspective of the most landlocked city in the country.

This fourth festival is the most ambitious yet, spread out over two sites, DINA on Cambridge Street and the 02 Academy on Arundel Gate. The eclectic mix of contemporary art installations from artists from the UK, Canada and the US, along with a strong musical offering, starts on Monday.

It includes the Sheffield debut on November 24 of transatlantic hip hop group Swet Shop Boys​ featuring Hollywood star Riz Ahmed, Heems ​(ex Das Racist) and Redinho.

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