Council urged to think again

Sheffield City Council was urged to think again at a public meeting in response to the proposed closure of Upperthorpe Library. More than 100 residents attended last Saturday as part of a 12-week consultation over plans to shut half of the city’s libraries to save money.

Upperthorpe, which is part of the Zest Healthy 
Living Centre, has the longest opening hours in Sheffield.

Derek Morton, aged 63, of Walkley, pleaded with the council to ‘use a little more imagination’. He said: “It will be a terrible blow to this community if we lose this wonderful facility. We need another solution.”

Members of the Friends of Zest Group said Upperthorpe Library should be used as a model for other community libraries rather than be closed.

Parent David Smith said: “I bring my children down to swimming lessons here every week – whilst one swims, the other sits and reads with me in the library.”

Final council decisions are expected early next year.