Favourite things: Sheffield on show

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Matthew Bugg is a writer, composer and choreographer. He grew up in Oughtibridge and now lives in Hunters Bar with his partner, Toby, and their dog, Georgie.

His career has taken him all over the world and he has worked in most of the major theatres in the UK.

He is presently doing a 12 week UK tour (including the West End) with a new show that he has written called Miss Nightingale - the burlesque musical. The production is coming to the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield on July 18 and 19.

Sheffield Theatres

The Crucible, The Crucible Studio and the Lyceum are all really special to me. I performed in all three spaces as a teenager and saw so many shows there as I was growing up.

It was there that I really fell in love with theatre and decided I wanted to make it my career.

The thing I really love about Sheffield Theatres is that they have three entirely different, but equally fantastic spaces. I work in theatres all across the country and I can think of no other venue that has such facilities. We really are spoilt here in Sheffield!

Wyming Brook

I love walking in Wyming Brook, between Lodge Moor and Redmires, with my dog and my husband.

We first went there with the Millhouses dog training class. Our dog is a Dachsund (a sausage dog) and she’s very small and tenacious - a bit like me. She loves humans, and particularly kids, but she doesn’t really like other dogs.

She just about tolerated her classmates because they all knew she was boss but when we went to Wyming Brook she actually deigned to play with the other puppies.

She still loves going to Wyming Brook, but she’s recovered from that fleeting moment of friendliness.


I love Zuegma’s Turkish restaurant on London Road. We went to Istanbul years ago and fell in love with the food there. I adore the smokiness of the grilled meat against the freshness of the salad.

Zeugma’s does the best kebabs in Sheffield and the finest rice you have ever tasted. And it’s a wonderfully unpretentious place to eat.

My Garden

My garden is my haven. I work incredibly long hours in theatre, frequently cramming in 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

But I spend most of my day stuck behind a laptop so I love turning off my brain and breaking into a sweat with some good, honest, manual labour.

Our garden is a typical Sheffield garden on a hill.

You have to take oxygen with you as you scale the summit. It’s really hard work digging at such a steep angle but I love being physically tired rather than just being mentally exhausted.

We’ve won two gold medals in the Sheffield in Bloom competition, but we’ve never won Best in Show.

Not that I’m competitive of course...

Wool Baa

Apart from gardening, my other way to relax is with knitting. I buy all my wool from the lovely Jill at the Wool Baa on Hunters Bar roundabout. I design my own patterns, which probably makes it sound as if I’m really good at it. In reality I’m really slow and even a tank top takes 18 months to finish!


This is a bit of a heritage site for me. Back in the 90s there was a club called Isabellas on Eyre Street (it’s sadly vacant at the moment) that had a gay night on a Thursday called Harlequins. It was there that I met my now husband 19 years ago. It wasn’t the most glamorous of venues, but we had some fabulous times there and it’s still got a very special place in my heart.