In Focus: A study of colour in rich and warm autumnal photographs

editorial image

Slow shutter speeds and seasonal still lifes impress.

We have had so many wonderful images again this week that I asked for more space to publish more of your imaginative autumnal scenes.

A seasonal still life has the added charm of the water, a calming warm image by Peter Butler. Its muted tones are in direct contrast to the image next to it by Jim Conibear, who tells me the conifers at Howden Dam normally change colour around early November so he has found this vibrant shot from his archive. The colours are so varied and punchy, and even extend to the hills rolling off into the distance, leading you right through the image.

A fluffy running stream image was sent in by John Scholey and taken at Wyming Brook. He has taken this using a slow shutter speed and will have had to support his camera to make sure the rocks and other background does not get camera shake. The slow shutter speed allows the running water to appear creamy and soft and is really fun to do, so if you have an SLR and a tripod its worth experimenting with how slow you need to go, each steam or waterfall will be different. The last one I did had really fast flowing water so I only needed a two second exposure. Be careful not to over expose the white of the water .

Beautiful Norfolk Park is an amazing place, as you can see from John Gorman’s image here.

Parks are a great place to get your autumnal inspiration, and our city has plenty.

I would imagine now the winds have blown a few leaves around you will be able to get some fun pics to send to me to use next week when we announce our winner.