In Focus: Old signs and new scissors fit age theme just right

In focus Age Plaque on the wall of building on School Green Lane Fulwwod
In focus Age Plaque on the wall of building on School Green Lane Fulwwod

I am feeling my age this week, but now the spring is upon us, light mornings and longer days, I can snap out of the winter blues and get creative.

We have had some interesting entries. You send in such varied interpretations of our themes and this month’s theme of age is no different.

Peter Butler has sent in two images. One is a family portrait with a difference. It shows three generations and the elder is a photo on the wall behind mum and son. Peter’s other image is even more intriguing, he writes, “On the left is the double bed. The children are in the centre. The right is empty, representing this older person’s life now. As bleak as last week’s weather!” Even without his interpretation it is an emotive image.

Nick Duggan spotted this sign in Fulwood. It is an old plaque on the wall of a building on School Green Lane. If you look above eye level there is so much interest on old buildings, from old signs to amazing stone carvings. Quite often we miss the world around us and keep our eyes forward while we rush around in our busy lives. If we took time to slow down and look around a whole new world is out there to inspire us.

Jeremy Biggin has been inspired by a basket of new scissors on sale in Ikea. The simple subject is actually quite appealing with the curved yellow handles against the linear flash of silver blades.

Keep sending in your photos for our age theme, you can send in as many entries as you like so long as they are taken in our catchment area.Don’t forget to visit Sheffield Cathedral this week to look around Sheffield Photographic Society’s latest exhibition.