LISTINGS: Exhibitions - May 5 - May 12



Around 107 artists and makers will be opening their doors to the public on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 30 to May 2, Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8, 11am – 5pm (unless otherwise stated). See pages 22 & 23

Sheffield Cathedral, Catherine Higham, paintings and drawings, Bryan Munsey, self-taught wood-turner, David Lucas, oil paintings on canvas, Mark H. Wilson, contemporary landscape paintings in acrylic, Hilary Simms, ceramic sculpture inspired by shells, Jill Lauriston, hats and other items designed and hand-made in felt, Kay Aitch, mixed media artist working in 2D and 3D, Taylor Le Fin, works in performance, photography, installation and text (Sunday opening 12.30pm; Quaker Meeting House, Jacqueline James, hand-woven rugs and wall panels; Shirley Cameron, installations; Panni Poh Yoke Loh, painting and photography; Sam Galbraith, paintings; Marion Haywood, pastels; Deborah Theasby, knitted items; Anne Dent, watercolours of plants; Gill Buttery, portraits and landscapes in oil and watercolour; Susie Tilzey, acrylics on canvas and gouache, watercolours and mixed media on paper (Sunday opening 12.30pm.

Exhibition Centre, 112 Pinstone Street. Casper Carr, Leigh Stanford-Redhead spray can artists;

Studio 14, Porter Brook Studios, Yorkshire Artspace, Brown Street. Lynn Carruthers, mixed media; Mark Sidney Evans, abstracts; Studio 15, Porter Brook Studios. Trevor Pollard, paintings on paper; ; Studio 3, Persistence Works, Brian Holland, wood-fired figurative pieces; Zandra, raku fired ceramic vessels. Studio 6, John Thatcher, hardwood furniture.

Manor Oaks Studios, Manor Lane. Annette Petch, handmade jewellery and small decorative items in silver and gold; Finbar Lucas, furniture from locally-sourced hardwoods.

Bloc Studios, Eyre Lane. Liz Von Graevenitz, mixed media; Stephen Todd, painting, drawing, printmaking and photography-based images.

APG Works, Sidney Street. Rupert Wood, hand-printed screen prints and posters on paper, fabric and board (Saturday only).

11-12 Merchants Crescent, Wharf Street, Victoria Quay. Clare Hawley, contemporary silver and gold fine jewellery.

165 Handsworth Road, Handsworth. Angie Hardwick, tiles and ceramic sculptures.

Soft Touch Textiles, 74 Norfolk Road. Sarah Williams, hand-woven rugs, wall hangings, scarves, clothing; Karen Graham, wall-hangings, cushion, bags and clothing.

Portland Works Studios, Randall Street, Sunday and Monday. Mary Sewell, acrylic, oil paintings and photography; Nuala Price, fine art photography, abstract painting and 3 dimensional installations (Saturday only)..

8 Argyle Road, Meersbrook, Saturday and Sunday. James Green, linocut and etching prints.

67 Tavistock Road, Nether Edge. Emilie Taylor, ceramics.

Edge 10 Studio, Oakhill Rd, Nether Edge. Kristan Baggaley, landscapes in oils.

Cherry Tree Studio, 27 Montgomery Avenue, Nether Edge, Sunday and Monday. Penny Withers, functional and sculptural ceramic pieces for the home and the garden.

20 Adelaide Road, Nether Edge. Antonia Salmon, hand-burnished and smoke-fired ceramic sculpture.

9 Banner Cross Road, Ecclesall. Phil Lockwood, acrylics (Saturday only).

37 Banner Cross Road, Norman Cherry, hand-built wood-fired stoneware pots.

67 Bingham Park Road, Greystones, Sunday and Monday. Robert Fisher, conceptual paintings (Saturday only)

Feline Tattoo Studio, Hickmott Road, Saturdays only. Fiona Long, internationally-celebrated tattoo artist,

Grange Road, Sharrow. Mark Gamsu, woodcuts; Jane Horton, iPad art, combining drawing, photography, painting and printmaking.

88 Hunter House Road, Hunters Bar. Christine Young, paintings and intaglio prints.

21b Southbourne Road, The Grove, Monday only. Cynthia Dibbo, paintings;

Studio 109, Harcourt Road, Monday. Judith Chamberlain, wet and needle felting, and knitted items; Philippa French, multi-media work using home-made paints and natural materials.

Stitched Up and Fleeced Studio, Nethergreen Road. Sue Lancaster, textile art from wall hung pieces to accessories and costume for performance; Helen Neale, handknitter who both spins and dyes her own yarns and uses traditional techniques to make unique garments.

Hangingwater Studio, Fulton’s Yard, Nether Green Road. Lena Papapanagiotou, paintings in oil colours; Marion Rout, paintings in acrylics and mixed media; JWJ printmakers.

14 Whiteley Wood. Bing Jones, family portraits painted in Oil and Tempera and drawn in chalk or pen and ink.

Greenhouse Studio, 47 Slayleigh Lane, Fulwood. Martin Decent, paintings in in oils, acrylic, mixed media and gouache.

Carr Bank View, Nether Green. John Brokenshire, oil on canvas.

71 Cairns Road, Croosspool. Beth Eastwood, printmaking, textiles, drawing and painting and mixed media.

Rock House, 86 Twentywell Lane, Saturday and Monday. Sarah Sharpe, etching and watercolour exploring fairytale, myth and symbol,

Meadow Grove Studio, 49 Meadow Grove, Totley, Sunday and Monday. Steve Elliott, paintings in pastel and mixed media.

38 Rushley Road, Dore. Alison Down, watercolour and mixed media landscapes, townscapes, gardens and plants (Sunday only)..

The Lodge House, Natural Health Centre, Howard Road, Walkley, Sunday and Monday. Lesley Lister, textile designer, specialising in contemporary knitted materials; James Lister, luthier, specialising in building classical and flamenco guitars.

Clarence Works, Burton Road. Sam Dexter, mixed media, paintings, textiles and printmaking; John Clifford, sculpture incorporating video, sound, and documentary photography.

167 Freedom Road, Walkley. Lizzy Alageswaran, Landscape, portraits and personal imagery; Krishna Alageswaran, ceramics.

13 Hammerton Road, Hillsborough, Sunday and Monday. Jean Luce, paintings in a variety of media inspired by the Yorkshire landscape.

99 Glenwood Crescent, Chapeltown, Saturday and Sunday. Gorima Basu, paintings of India (Saturday only).

Springfield Farmhouse, Whitwell Lane Stocksbridge. Rachel Poole, stained and fused glass functional objects, windows and sculptural pieces inspired by nature.

Little Castle Designs, Castle Green, Bolsterstone. Sabine Little, glass bead maker and jewellery designer.

38 Haggstones Road, Oughtibridge. Graham Clark, painting in oils, watercolour, acrylics, gouache, pastels.

Studio 19, Linden Crescent, Stocksbridge. Darrell Milnes, studio potter, producing sculptural and functional ceramics.

Studio at Mount Pleasant, Cawthorne Lane, Kexborough, Barnsley. E. Jane Lazenby, questrian and animal art.

Greens House Studio, Greens House, Outseats, Hathersage, Hope Valley. Lyn Littlewood, watercolour and pastels of flowers and landscapes.

Blackberry Barn Studio, Main Road, Bamford, Saturday and Sunday. Andrea Spurling, oil paintings inspired by the natural forms and light in landscape; Brenda Ford, ‘enamelled treasures’; ,Jenny Mater, paintings inspired by unseen elements and hidden sounds of nature; Mary Pearce, large coiled pots and stoneware figurative sculptures.

Winter Ash, Ninelands Road, Hathersage, Saturday and Sunday. Debbie Michaels, abstract paintings in mixed media and individually crafted ceramic pieces; Jon Michaels, figurative two and three dimensional images through photography, ceramics and direct stone carving.

Summerley Hall, Summerley Lower Road, nr Apperknowle, Dronfield, Lynne Wilkinson, animal paintings.

Whiston Brook Studio, 31 Moorhouse Lane, Whiston, Rotherham. Liz Churton, semi-abstract mixed media pieces on canvas.



Ecstatic, an evening’s exploration of all things human through the medium of the body, identity and play presented by live artists David Birchall, Robin Close, Alice Malseed, David McNab, Rebekka Platt and Nicola Singh, Bloc Projects, Eyre Lane, Friday, 7pm-10pm.

Print and Ceramics in the City, gallerytop at Rowsley and Yorkshire Artspace have collaborated to produce an exhibition of limited edition pieces by leading UK artists including ceramics by Emmanuel Cooper, Eddie Curtis, Chris Keenan, Sara Moorhouse, Sacha Wardell, Gareth Mason, Barry Stedman and prints by Sir Terry Frost RA, Sir Peter Blake, Barbara Rae RA, Brendan Neiland, John Hoyland RA, Bruce McLean, Sandra Blow RA, and Donald Hamilton Fraser RA alongside studio-holders Susan Disley, Emilie Taylor, Penny Withers, Neil Woodall and artist in residence Frances Pries. Persistence Works, Brown Street, private view, Friday, 5.30pm to 8pm, then Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10am to 5pm.

Something to Tickle Our Fancy, selected mixed group exhibition of work with the ability to bring a wry smile or belly laugh or that just expresses a spirit of optimism, Cupola Gallery, Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, opening Friday, 7.30pm with refreshment and entertainment topped by an Art Cake Auction (by Tair Rafiq), 9pm, then Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6.30pm

until Sunday July 3.

Matroyshka, Russian dolls by Kate Sully which contain a decorative richness while containing a message about contemporary issues, upstairs at Cupola Gallery (details as above).

Night Animals : Go In and Out of Skips and Bins to Make a House a Home, exhibition by Stephen White, The White Gallery, The Moor, opening Friday , 6-9pm., the only chance to enter the gallery other than by appointment only, the exhibition will be visible through the gallery windows at all other times until June 8.

The Dogs Are Alright, 10 new paintings on the theme of the nation’s favourite four-legged friend by Pete McKee in his first solo exhibition at his own gallery, A Month of Sundays, Sharrow Vale Road, Hunter’s Bar, special launch day on Saturday open to everyone and their dogs, then Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am till 5pm, until June 18.

Sheffield, S1;


Katerina Šedá: Líšeň Profile, brought to Sheffield thanks to the first ever Contemporary Art Society Annual Award, an ambitious new artwork by acclaimed Czech Republic contemporary artist who worked with hundreds of volunteers in a search for those individuals who best reflect the physical profile of her home town, Millennium Gallery, daily, 11am-4pm until May 30.

Sports Lab: The Science Behind the Medals, family-friendly exhibition jointly curated by Museums Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University featuring examples of cutting edge sports technology and historic memorabilia plus interactive elements such as a virtual cycle race around Sheffield, Beat the Clock speed reaction test, and a rider’s eye view from a skeleton bobsleigh, Weston Park Museum, Mondays-Fridays, 10am- 4pm, Saturdays, 10am-5pm and Sundays, 11am-5pm until November 20. From next week weekedays, 10am-3pm, weekends, 11am-4pm.

Graphic Nature, drawing on historic decorative arts and natural history specimens from Museums Sheffield’s collections and the work of leading designers from across Europe, a vibrant celebration of nature’s continuing influence on design despite the perception that as our lives become increasingly urban and digitised we may have lost touch with forces and elements which once inspired awe and wonder, Millennium Gallery, daily 11am-4pm until July 3.

Displaying Drink, exploring the rich tradition of the drinking rituals and the fascinating objects associated with them in Sheffield’s alehouses, coffeeshops and homes since the 18th century, Metalwork Gallery, Millennium Gallery, daily, 11am-4pm.

The Triumph of Maximilian I: Hans Burgkmair and Others, unique collection of prints from the 16th Century when Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I ordered a series of miniature paintings to be created recording his lifetime’s achievements in a bid to secure his place in the chronicles of history, Graves Gallery, Surrey Street, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am-2pm, Saturdays, 11am-3pm.

Spies, first UK solo exhibition by Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner whose videos explore the ethical question of where to draw the line between the personal and the professional inbringing art and life together, Site Gallery, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am-5.30pm until May 14.

Memoirs of a Showwoman, the spectacular world of Olivier Award winning Marisa Carnesky’s performance career revealed through a showcase of her work fused with archival research from the National Fairground Archive and exploring ghost trains, tattooed ladies, magic, burlesque and waxworks with contemporary theatre practice, Western Bank Library, University of Sheffield, Mondays to Thursdays, 9am – 7pm, Fridays, 10am – 7pm, Saturdays and Sundays, 12-6pm to May 13.

The Campaign for Objects in Purgatory, exhibiion of photos, sketches and written submissions in which people (under cover of anonymity) share the experience of receiving an unwanted gift and the dilemma of whether to keep it or not, Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University Furnival Building, Arundel Street, weekdays, 10am–5pm, with a swapshop until May 13 and the exhibition continuing until May 20.

Sheffield 365 Project, collection of photographs taken by Luke Avery who took to the streets of Sheffield every day throughout the course of 2010 to document the city of Sheffield and its inhabitants coming up with 365 images taken across the length and breadth of the city - from Dore to Ecclesfield - in a year which contained a general election, World Cup and extreme weather The Workstation (foyer), Paternoster Row, Mondays to Friday, 10am-5pm Monday-Friday until May 31.

Double Vision, exhibition of images of one landscape and two interpretations by photographer Chris Gilbert and painter Diana Syder, Clock Tower Gallery, Northern General Hospital, Mondays-Fridays, 9am-5pm to May 26.

Botanical Illustration Exhibition, by Caroline Holley, Clock Tower Gallery, Northern General Hospital, Mondays-Fridays, 9am-5pm to May 26.

The Emporium Gallery, 11 artists and craftsmen exhibiting and selling a range of paintings in various mediums, with jewellery, woodturning, pottery, textiles and metal figures from local and national artists on display. Every month the exhibition and displays are changed with the introduction of works from new artists, selection of prints and cards permanently available, Clyde Road, off Broadfield Road, Heeley.

Non Traditional Paintings, and other artwork by local artists for sale at low prices, Rivelin Park Café, daily, 10am-5pm.

Hugger Gallery, features landscapes by Graham Clark and photographic images by Carl Hugger among more than 20 art works on view, plus the chance for visitors to paint a picture on canvas for £10 with all profits going towards planting trees, free tea and coffee, Foundry Climbing Centre Courtyard, Mowbray Street, Mondays-Saturdays, 10am-6.30pm (2750005).

Dinner with a Duke: Decoding Dining at Welbeck 1695-1914, exhibition focuses on 400 years of entertaining at the home of the Duke of Portland, looking at the lavish and fashionable tableware, entertaining as social duty, and the specialist departments that included hothouses, bakehouse, poultry house, dairy, fruit and vegetable gardens along with stories of servants eating and drinking to much while the family was away, Treasury Gallery, Harley Gallery, Welbeck, near Worksop, until February 2012.

The Little Black Dress, exhibition of designers‘ personal interpretations of the fashion classic from the days of Coco Chanel to such contemporary designers as Gavin Pierre Medford, Vera Thordardottir, responsible for the silicon jacket worn by Lady Gaga at Elton John‘s White Tie and Tiara ball, Amila Hrustic, Kei Kagami and Barnsley’s very own Rita Britton, The Gallery@ The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley, from Thursday, March 31, Mondays-Saturdays, 10am-5pm, Sundays, 10am-4pm until May 20.

Ane Christensen, internationally acclaimed designer and maker who works with a range of different metals in a variety of scales, creating large sculptural pieces, as well as more abstract vessels, bowls and candlesticks, The Panorama@ The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley, Mondays-Saturdays, 10am—5pm, Sundays, 10am—4pm until May 20.

Made Barnsley, exhibition coverings fashion, fine art, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, photography, film, music and sculpture as part of an online initiative to promote, showcase and sell work by the artistic talent across the borough, D-space gallery, DMC Digital Media Centre, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm until June 17.

Derbyshire Landscape: New Paintings, new works by Kristan Baggaley, Colin Halliday, Peter Dworok, James Preston, Gareth Buxton, and other selected artists, gallerytop, Chatsworth Road, Rowsley, Matlock, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am – 5pm, Sundays, 11am-5pm until May 22.

Smile, Ruthin Craft Centre touring exhibition featuring work by 13 leading contemporary applied artists linked by the theme of one of the simplest but most emotive words in our language, smile, includes Eleanor Glover’s wooden letters spelling out the word like five diverse characters at a party, Craig Mitchell’s cartoon-like ceramics and brooches created by Lindsey Mann as ‘apparatus for the promotion of cheeriness’, Harley Gallery Welbeck, Worksop, Mondays-Saturdays, 10am-5pm and Sundays, 10am-4.30pm, until May 30.

Headhunter, first of its new series of exhibitions exploring contemporary artists’ responses to the site’s archaeological collection and heritage landscape features a series of intricate drawings by Derby artist EJ Lance inspired by animal bones on display, Lower Ground Floor, Creswell Crags Museum, daily 10am-5.30pm until June 5.

Marks Through the Landscape, exhibition by Wiltshire based artist Tim Harrisson of drawings influenced by British archaeological sites, alongside four new pieces expressing his response to the Creswell heritage landscape, Special Exhibitions Gallery and The Bridge, Creswell Crags Heritage Centre, Crags Road, Welbeck, Worksop, daily 10am-5.30pm until October 30.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, special exhibitions include Henry Moore From The Arts Council Collection, until June 26; Invasion, five cylindrical forms by Michael Zwingmann; Soliloquy, a film by the Iranian artist Shirin Neshat exploring themes of identity, exile and cultural history, in the Chapel, until June 26; Structure & Material: Claire Barclay, Becky Beasley, Karla Black who each investigate the way we create meaning through form, until June 26; Trees: From Alternative Landscape Components by American artist Dennis Oppenheim, Lower Park area, other work in the landscape of the park currently includes sculpture by Magdalena Abakanowicz, Kenneth Armitage, Jonathan Borofsky, Anthony Caro, Martin Creed, Helen Escobedo, Barry Flanagan, Andy Goldsworthy, Greyworld, Nigel Hall, Barbara Hepworth, Phillip King, Sol LeWitt, John Main, Henry Moore, Igor Mitoraj, David Nash, Jaume Plensa, Sophie Ryder, Richard Serra, Serge Spitzer and William Turnbull, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bretton Hall, West Bretton one mile from M1 junction 38, off A637), galleries, 11am-5pm, grounds 10am-6pm.