Pearl pops up at Totley show

Wildago and the life-sized version of her creation, Pearl.
Wildago and the life-sized version of her creation, Pearl.

FOR the first-time a life-sized Pearl will be appearing in public on Monday. The stunning 6ft beauty, complete with slinky ball gown and pearls, will be wowing guests at the Pearl Loves Pop-up Art event at the Cross Scythes, Totley - and supporting a worthy cause into the bargain.

Pearl is one of the lead characters from the Painted World of Wildago, a collection of paintings by Canadian born artist Wilda Goyetche who now lives and works in Sheffield.

“Ever since I started painting, I noticed that people wanted to know more about Pearl, her friends and the world they live in,” she says. “Finding ways to allow others to feel part of what I am creating has become central to what I am trying to achieve as an artist.”

In keeping with this idea, Wildago’s marketing advisor ‘Dangerous’ Dave Gregory suggested doing a life-sized Pearl that people could have their photos taken alongside at shows and exhibitions. But the pair soon realised that what was intended as a bit of fun could also be used to raise money for good causes, simply by charging a small ‘fee’ for the photos.

For Pearl’s first outing, they have chosen the Save Portland Works campaign, a cause dear to their hearts.

Monday night will see the public unveiling of an original Save Portland Works poster created by Wildago. The first five copies ever made will also be on sale, with all profits going to the campaign.

As well as Pearl and her friends, the event will also include an exhibition of etchings by another local artist, Sarah Sharpe as well as a wide selection of gift ideas from The Old Sweet Shop, Nether Edge.

Ian Soutar