Pictures: Final week of pattern and texture snaps from readers

Telegraph In focus Patterns and Texture - local photos
Telegraph In focus Patterns and Texture - local photos

Subtle beauty captured while sticking to the rules of our art.

We follow lots of composition guidelines in photography, as with any other art, from the rule of thirds where the subject is positioned a third in and across from the edge of the picture, to lines and negative space. Just because we have added a theme of patterns and texture, these rules have still been followed, even if the photographers haven’t realised it. Patterns and texture, as a subject, only enhances the finished image.

Ruby Power has submitted a series of images that she had taken for her GCSE art project and not only do the patterns flow through the lines in her images, she has the added bonus of texture from the rusty subjects she has photograhed.

Negative space has been used to create these two beautiful and tasteful images. One is of natural patterns on the ice taken by John Scholey and the other is a row of birds on the cables by Jenny Owen. I like them both because although there is an absence of a dominant subject, they have created a subtle beauty.

Ken Balkow has used the still water on a bright day to enhance his reflection of the industrial unit. He hasn’t zoomed in close to get the finer detail like some other images on here, instead he has kept his shot wide to show more of the pattern. Gareth Morgan has also chosen an industrial subject but as a close up of some old tools at Kelham island Museum. So you can see here that there are so many ways to follow this theme of patterns and texture and we are now in our final week of entries. Harrison Cameras will decide our champion, and they are offering up a first prize of £25 voucher and a runner up prize of a 18x12 print.