Preservation plea for Armistice record from Sheffield gran Barbara

Barbara Hall with her newspaper recording Armistice in 1918
Barbara Hall with her newspaper recording Armistice in 1918

A real piece of print history related to the signing of Armistice 100 years ago has been unearthed thanks to an 89 year-old lady from Sheffield.

Barbara Hall, of Wollaton Road, Broadway, had kept the precious copy of the Yorkshire telegraph and Star in her attic after it was given to her by her mum many years ago.

This in turn had been given to her mum by her mum’s sister Emma Lowrance, who had lived in Barnsley and had died in the 1970s.

In the fragile newspaper it declares that: The World War is at an end and Armistice with Germany signed at five o’clock this morning.

It goes on to say that: in a statement from Marshal Ferdinand Foch, of France, Hostilities will cease on the whole front as from November 11 at 11am (French time). The allied troops not until a further order, go beyond the line reached on that date and that hour. It also says that: British commander, Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haigh, reported that: Monday, 10.10am shortly before dawn this morning, Canadian troops of the First Army (General Horne) captured Mons. It later said: In accordance with the terms of the Armistice, hostilities on the fronts of the American Armies were suspended at 11 o’clock this morning.

Barbara said: “I feel this is a very important historical document from the time.”

She added: “This was the oldest of a number of newspapers I had in the attic. Others recalled the silver jubilee of George V and Queen Mary, the coronation of George VI and other important events.

“I feel this needs preserving bt it seems this is proving difficult. I took it to my local library in Greenhill and they said it was too big to laminate and too fragile. Pinders the printers said hey could do nothing with it unfortunately and Central Library said they had everything on microfiche.

“I have three children and seven grandchildren and I would like to preserve this and get copies of it for them, but I don’t know who can help.”