Show at gallery will be a Joy to see

Sunset City by Patrick Bridge from 'Pure Joy (Wins Again)' at The Coterie gallery in High Green, Sheffield in June
Sunset City by Patrick Bridge from 'Pure Joy (Wins Again)' at The Coterie gallery in High Green, Sheffield in June

AN exhibition of contemporary painting opening at the Coterie Gallery in High Green represents an opportunity to see the work of 17 professional artists, each of whom has a strong connection with Sheffield.

Entitled Pure Joy, it aims to be a celebration of contemporary painting, highlighting the breadth of it, from abstract to figurative, from subtle watercolour to gestural oil painting, from cool and conceptual to expressive and experimental.

Pure Joy features both hard-edged abstraction and the more gestural and visceral, while for viewers keen on figuration there is portraiture, landscape work, and a number of interesting stops in between.

The 17 participants are Paul Barlow, Richard Bartle, Patrick Bridge, Jim Curran, Lesley Guy, Iris Harris, Warren Hayes, Dale Holmes, David Jewkes, Ladoza, Frances Lewis, Dominic Mason, Jade Morris, Lea Torp Nielsen, Katya Robin, Helen Stokes, Jane Walker, Sean Williams.

“My aim is to bring together painters working in as wide a variety of styles as possible,” says main organiser Sean Williams. “I’m excited about the prospect of seeing such different work next to each other. It’s fascinating to see what people choose to do with paint and the ways they choose to express themselves. Some have chosen to be more experimental than they ordinarily would, so the final exhibition should be very lively.

“I also want to give emerging artists the chance to exhibit alongside more established, experienced artists. It might be the first exhibition for some, whereas others have exhibited extensively and internationally, and that’s exciting too.

Painting is such a wonderful, versatile medium with the capacity to communicate so many different moods and ideas. I thought it was time we celebrated it properly and I would urge everyone to share our celebrations and visit the exhibition. There are some tremendously talented, innovative painters in and around Sheffield and it’s great to have the opportunity to bring them together in a gallery with such a good reputation like The Coterie.”

There is a private view for Pure Joy at the Coterie Gallery, Pack Horse Lane, High Green, on Friday from 6pm to 8pm and the exhibition continues until June 29, weekdays from 9am to 5pm.