Steve’s image strikes right note with Pulp star

Steve Goodison and his image of Jimmy White
Steve Goodison and his image of Jimmy White

The competition to produce the best portrait of Pulp drummer Nick Banks was won by Steve Goodison, who lives in Mosborough.

Steve, aged 44, who works in the printing industry, also won the contest in 2010, when the subject was BBC Radio Sheffield presenter Toby Foster. His detailed pencil sketch of Nick Banks incorporated lyrics from a Pulp song, Babies.

The musician judged around 30 entries on Sunday afternoon. Steve said he was “really chuffed” to have won.

“Nick said he really liked it and had got a place for it is his house. The prizes of £100 and a hamper were fantastic, but it can’t be denied that the greatest prize of all is seeing your portrait being the one that is chosen.”

Steve added: “I’ve been painting since childhood, but really took it up again five or six years ago, when I began specialising in portraits.”

He has an exhibition of musicians’ images incorporating lyrics at the Green Room in Devonshire Street.

- Sheffield artist Les Cornthwaite won both the judges’ and people’s choice for two different paintings on show at Art in the Gardens.