The luxury appeal of high-end craft pieces

A new exhibition at a leading regional gallery will showcase the work of designers whose work has become synonymous with luxury goods.

“Added Value?” features exhibits by six celebrated craftspeople whose work is now considered the height of luxury.

Alongside the beautiful objects, the Harley Gallery will be showing images and film of the craftspeople at work.

Craft has started to appear on fashion runways, in designer shops and in glossy magazines.

For example, ne of the exhibitors, Simon Hassan, has created bespoke mannequins for top designer lanbel Fendi.

The exhibiton explores the different aspects of craft that make handmade products luxurious, from the materials and skill involved in the creative process to the experience of using the finished product.

Among the items on show will be shoes made by hand using over 2,000 processes, and 3D wallpaper.

Exhibiting artists are Carreducker showmakers, Oliver Ruuger luxury accessories, Bompas and Parr, flavour based experiences, jewller Zoe Arnold, Simon Hasan , who designs furniture, and wallpaper designer Tracy Kendall.

The appeal of handcrafted goods is not a uniquely contemporary trend.

Showing alongside “Added Value?” is a second exhibition, “Edward Harley: The Great Collector” which features examples of fine decorative craft items collected by the 2nd Earl of Oxford in the seventeenth century.

Visit from April 1-June 1 at the gallery on the A60 between Mansfield and Worksop. Free entry and free parking. The gallery is ten minutes from the A1 and M1. for further information.