VIDEO: Artist inspired by sky lines of Burngreave and Attercliffe in new exhibition

Sunset over Attercliffe by artist Panni Loh
Sunset over Attercliffe by artist Panni Loh

A Sheffield artist has scaled new heights with an online exhibition showing the city’s skylines.

Artist Panni Loh, of Pitsmoor, took inspiration from the city in which she has lived in for more than 30 years for the exhibition, Dreams and Skyscapes.

The skylines above Attercliffe and Burngreave take pride of place in her work.

Panni, who has a PHD in art and design, said: “I’ve spent most of my life living in Pitsmoor and travelling through neighbouring Attercliffe.

“And both areas are rich in culture and beautiful in their own unique ways. So I have tried to encapture this in my art work.

The paintings were originally displayed at The Circle, on Rockingham Lane, in the city centre, but thanks to Sheffield’s business incubator Innova, the exhibition has gone online.

Artist Panni Loh

Artist Panni Loh

Panni added: “We have recorded readings from members of my writing group, the Seven Quills, which have been inspired by my oil paintings.

“The readings and paintings can be viewed and heard on the online video.

“We hope to reach new audiences with the multimedia exhibition.”

The exhibition, on YouTube, also features the paintings The Language of Hope; Earth and Nightfall over Burngreave, on show in the China Shangdon province World Leisure Games art exhibition.